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OK, more of an update because my brain needs a break.

I woke up super early this morning not feeling well.  I decided not to cancel my PT appointment, but to instead go to it and cancel everything else for the day.  PT was great - I have always thought that I’m pretty flexible and this was confirmed by Chad - the PT master.  He was also VERY pleased with me for doing leg lifts and clamshells in conjunction with running.  He pushed on my legs and stretched me hard enough that my eyes watered, but all in all I survived.  He determined that my calves are SUPER tight and inflexible, which he did not expect with the rest of me being on the good end of things.  So, I have to do calf stretches 2-3 times a day every day for the foreseeable future to see how that helps.  He did electric stimulation of the muscles in my problem leg and also massaged the herniated muscle with an ultrasound wand, complete with gel.  The best parts were when he would just rub the muscle - it feels like having a deep tissue massage.  So, good morning with Chad.  I’ll see him again on Wednesday.  

I came home, went to sleep for a bit, and then Dave made me get up and kicked my ass down the street to a coffee shop to work.  I was not in the best of moods over this per the not feeling well.  But, he understands that I literally have no time to be sick right now.  No time at all.  So, yeah.  

Progress work is a bit haphazard at the moment, as I’m due a bunch of stuff.  But, I was able to get my survey questionnaire online and out for testing, which was a HUGE accomplishment.  

Tomorrow I have a meeting with my methods committee member to go over my Spencer stuff.  Hoping she thinks it’s good!




fun fact: Michael Cera asked Rihanna if he could slap her ass for real and she said “you can slap my ass for real if I can slap you in the face for real” and he was like alright. and they did the take like 3 times and Michael was like “you’re not hitting me hard enough do it for real” and then she slapped the fuck out of him and threw off his equilibrium so much he had to go lay down in his trailer for like half an hour lmao and that’s the take they used in the movie with no added sound effects 

his head disappears omg

bless this post

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survey instruments are hard.  surveymonkey is dumb.  you forget how rough these things are when you haven’t looked at them in three years.

shit’s coming along though. 


too many feminist discussions are about reassuring men that feminism isn’t about ~hating them~ im so over it

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